knowledge is power

If your business is experiencing cash flow problems, now is the time to act

Don’t let fear of the unknown lead to inaction. Learning about your options from knowledgeable professionals is your fastest path to peace of mind.

Gillman, Bruton & Capone, have been representing Small Businesses and their owners in New Jersey business bankruptcy and other proceedings since 1981. Whether the business debt problems are a single creditor suing you and the business in a lawsuit or a pile of accumulated debt, it is important to consult with an experienced New Jersey business bankruptcy attorney to learn your rights and review all of your options to protect you and your small business.

We understand that most business owners have an emotional tie to their business and because of that often make emotional decisions in an attempt to keep their business dream alive. We also understand that the only way to maintain a business over the long term is to make the hard but necessary decisions that many business owners are either unwilling or unable to make. Unwilling because of their fear of failing or unable because they are too close to the situation.

Our goal is to provide our Small Business clients with all of their options when faced with debt issues. Most times our clients were completely unaware of the the many different options that are available to them before meeting with us. Many clients are relieved and happy that we are able to help them sort through their options and make the hard decisions that need to be made.

The first step is yours. You need to choose yourself. Arm yourself with the power that only obtaining knowledge can provide!

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In a Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy, a Trustee is appointed to liquidate any remaining assets and allow the Business to close debt free. After the bankruptcy petition is filed, the Chapter 7 Trustee will be responsible for the assets of the corporation.  

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is often thought of as the commercial bankruptcy option for businesses, sole proprietors and partnerships seeking to restructure their debts while they liquidate assets and restructure payment plans with creditors.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy prevents other creditors from collection activities such as creditor harassment, law suits, wage garnishment and auto repossession.

DON’T DELAY: The single best advice that we can provide any Small Business and its owner(s) is to immediately consult with an attorney experienced in small business debt issues to know your rights, options, and to be able to make the best decisions. Your creditors have attorneys. Small business owners need one too.


Justin Gillman was direct, honest and quite knowledgeable. His staff was always polite and helpful. Although the process of going bankrupt was something I felt would be painful and demeaning, Justin made the process quite the opposite. I could have gone to another Attorney but now, having gone through it with Justin Gillman as my attorney, I know the right choice was made. The timeline given was exactly what I was told it would be. In fact, there were no surprises. If anyone finds themselves in the unenviable position of having to file for bankruptcy, I highly recommend Justin Gillman. I truly got more than my money ‘s worth.

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