Sub-chapter v: makes it easier for small businesses to reorganize
ELIGIBILITY FOR SUB-CHAPTER V ELECTION Sub-chapter V election by a small business requires that the debtor have non-contingent, liquidated debts (secured and unsecured) totally not more than $2,725,625..00 (presently for…

What is 7+4?

Bankruptcy News: Phone Scammers Targeting Bankruptcy Filers
Phone scamming from public information is becoming more and more prevalent with the access to information through online resources.   We have seen firsthand the impact of phone scams involving the…

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You may make payments to our office using our Secure Online Payment Page. As a courtesy to our clients, our firm offers online payments through Clio and LawPay. LawPay is a secure payment system that is compliant with all card brand security standards, ensuring protection of your personal information.

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New Jersey Bankruptcy Means Test Figures
The U.S. Trustee Program has posted the means test figures that are to be used for filings on and after November 1.   New Jersey Median income figures are there…

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