What is 7+4?

New Bankruptcy Means Testing Data
The U.S. Trustee Program has announced new Means Testing Data for Bankruptcy Cases.  The median income for each family size for a Chapter 7 New Jersey Bankruptcy Case for cases…
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan May Permit Modification of Mortgage on Under- Secured Rental Property
Question: How can I deal with a rental property which is under-secured (value is less than the mortgage(s)) and for which I am not receiving sufficient rent and income to cover the mortgage and monthly expenses? One potential option in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (if one qualifies) is to propose a modification of the mortgage obligation. Although there are significant limitations in the bankruptcy code, the law does currently allow a debtor(s) to propose to modify a secured claim of a mortgage company on property which is not the principal residence. An example would be...

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