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The solution-based attorneys at Gillman, Bruton & Capone, , are dedicated to providing our clients with quality advice and representation based on our significant experience. For more than three decades, our attorneys’ expertise has allowed us to work with our clients to deliver exceptional results. We provide knowledgeable advice and guidance to produce outstanding work product to help our clients achieve their goals.

Many individuals and families go through hard times and face an uncertain economic future. They may have experienced a sudden medical emergency that has resulted in thousands of dollars in medical bills. In other cases, they may be facing heavy credit card debt or be stuck in a house that has no equity or is underwater.

A New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer understands that this is a difficult time for your family. We also know that you are looking for help that gives you a fresh financial start. We are prepared to present you with multiple options that could help to alleviate a financial crisis, such as filing for bankruptcy or negotiating a loan modification. Our experienced, successful advocates are ready to fight for you.

Our Values


Our niche specialization is intentional. Enabling us to apply our expertise to deliver client-focused solutions.


Trust is earned through honest, thorough, solution-focused counsel.


This is a three-pronged approach! Our internal culture, relationships with our clients and community, and utilizing technology to support efficiencies and accountability round out our customer service model.


Our clients are involved in emotional life events. Being personable, compassionate, and caring fosters a strong relationship.


We care about our employees and clients. Retention is a measurement that we value.


Justin Gillman was direct, honest and quite knowledgeable. His staff was always polite and helpful. Although the process of going bankrupt was something I felt would be painful and demeaning, Justin made the process quite the opposite. I could have gone to another Attorney but...


Ed is one of the most efficient attorneys I’ve ever dealt with in getting commercial loans to the closing table. I’m happy to recommend you to my client and to the other brokers within my organization.


We would like to thank you and your staff in handling our case. The professionalism and smooth transaction exhibited by you and your firm made it easier on the hardship we were experiencing. You made it possible for our lives to go on and we’re...


My husband and I have been clients of Justin for approximately 9 years. He has always given us the best possible advice, took time to explain everything in a way that was clearly understandable to non professionals and never, never failed to return my calls...


Marc Capone changed my life. I was so overwhelmed with serious debt that I couldn’t sleep at night and I knew I had to do something. I made the call for my free half hour consultation with Marc Capone. I knew I made the right...

-Nancy, Tinton Falls

“Sometimes good prudent people, who save money for a rainy day, find that it rains. And rains. And rains. When something bad like that happens, you need more than an attorney. You need someone who is willing to understand not only the financial crisis, but...

-Pat C. from Long Branch

I can’t believe you consider us a pleasure to deal with. When it is your Law firm that is the best I have ever had the pleasure and good fortune to have engaged to solve my problems. Mr. Capone and Ms. Keefe are the most...

-Anthony, Manahawkin, NJ

It has been a great pleasure to work with Marc Capone. We have found Marc Capone and his firm to be honorable, hard working, effective and compassionate.Marc has helped us through a very trying time period in our life, offering us wise counsel which both...

-D.D. – Monmouth County, New Jersey

Like so many people, my husband and I struggled with paying our bills and keeping up with mortgage payments while trying to support two children. We struggled with the thought of filing bankruptcy, but after speaking with Angela and meeting with Marc back in 2009,...

-Melissa, Freehold, NJ

Dear Marc, Tiffany & Staff, Thanks so much for your help and guidance. It’s such a pleasure doing business with your firm. From your in depth knowledge, to the attention to detail, to your professionalism, to getting results there is none better than Marc Capone....

-Joe M., Toms River, NJ

I chose to retain Mr. Gillman, right after our first meeting—he took a very complicated real estate situation and broke it down so i could understand what i had to do to reach a resolution, he and his staff were always available —-as a matter...


Marc and his entire staff were extremely helpful, understanding, and professional. My wife and I were very happy with the way they handled our case and kindness they showed towards us. They took a very difficult situation and made it so much better. We highly...


The Best! Marc is my bankruptcy and real estate attorney. Has helped my family through a lot of tough times. His competence and integrity are unmatched. Have recommended several people to him.


Applying our expertise to deliver client-focused solutions

For more than three decades, our New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys have seen other law firms wedge clients into bankruptcy plans. However, we recognize that bankruptcy might not always be the best option for everyone. We are dedicated to the idea that our duty is to our clients first and that we must provide individuals, couples, and families with every possible option to get out of their financial struggles.

To this end, we are prepared to guide you through alternatives to bankruptcy, if possible. Depending upon the source of debt, this can include many choices. For example, being in an underwater mortgage may bring an opportunity to modify the loan. In other scenarios, forfeiting the property in exchange for forgiveness of debt may be the best choice. We aim to understand each client’s unique financial position, present their best options, and follow through with the choice that makes the most sense.


Guiding Client’s Through Life’s Legal Challenges

Although alternatives to bankruptcy may be available, filing for bankruptcy might be the best way for some clients to escape out from under burdensome debt. The successful completion of a bankruptcy plan provides for the discharge of most forms of debt, allowing for a fresh financial start. Even so, formulating the correct reorganization plan is essential for maximizing your legal rights under the Bankruptcy Code.

For most individuals and couples, there are two bankruptcy choices. The first is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is a liquidation, and assets that cannot be exempt may be liquidated by the Trustee and the proceeds used to pay creditors. Despite the potential for liquidation, the Bankruptcy Code provides exemptions which allows people to retain many of their essential holdings, such as a portion of the equity in a home and a vehicle. The second choice is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 13, the party filing for bankruptcy must make scheduled plan payments over a period of a few years. The amount of these payments depends on several factors, including the filer’s disposable income and/or the non-exempt equity that a filer may have in their assets. Our New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers can help you formulate the plan of reorganization that is best for your situation; and will prepare your petition, and file the plan and petition with the court.


The Benefits of a Boutique
Legal Firm


Honest, no-pressure, expert counseling with education at the core.


Open communication and connectivity with your legal team.


Expertise delivered effectively, and
supported by modern technology and touchpoints.


Proficiency provided with sensible,
transparent and flexible fee structures.

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