Gillman, Bruton & Capone, , have been representing New Jersey homeowners and property owners facing foreclosure proceedings against their properties for over three decades.  Many are overwhelmed by financial problems and feel lost about their options and rights.  Homeowners are often mislead by their own banks or believe they have no hope.

The truth is that while every situation is different, solutions to any problem begin with hiring an experienced New Jersey Foreclosure Attorney who can help you learn your rights and provide options.

  • What Will Give Me the Best Chance of Avoiding the Loss of My Home?  We have been asked this question again and again over the past 30 years by our clients facing foreclosure proceedings. Although the circumstances of those who ask vary greatly, the answer to the question is always the same. To fully and most effectively use rights and remedies such foreclosure defense, loan modificationmortgage mediation, and/or bankruptcy you must be represented by an Expert Foreclosure Lawyer.
  • Hire a Lawyer to Represent You Who Is a Real Expert– Hire a lawyer who has had extensive experience representing clients seeking to avoid foreclosure by obtaining a mortgage modification or by using one of the remedies described below.  Ask the lawyer how long he/she has been representing clients who are seeking to avoid foreclosure, what percentage of their practice is devoted to foreclosure prevention defense and other serious debt problems and review the evaluations of recent clients.
  • Hire a Lawyer to Represent You Right Now– Prompt action will enable you to take the fullest advantage of the rights and remedies available to you. Delay, indecision and denial are the enemies of foreclosure prevention.
  • Be Realistic– Avoid the Titanic – Better Lifeboat Syndrome.
Imagine a passenger on the sinking Titanic who is offered a place on a lifeboat. What guarantee, the passenger asks, can be offered that getting into the lifeboat will prevent him from drowning. Hearing the response that none can be offered, but that getting into the lifeboat will certainly improve the chances of not drowning, the passenger responds that he needs to think about it because he has heard that there are better lifeboats out there.
  • Beware of Scams– Bank Representatives’ Advice  – Short Sale Proposals
 Anyone who guarantees they will get you a mortgage modification or, more generally will save your home is either a scam artist or ignorant or both. The person at the bank who gives you advice may know what they are talking about or they may be someone who was hired the day before and knows nothing and who will be replaced by someone who also knows nothing the next time you call. Realtors like short sales because they are paid a commission, but agreeing to a short sale without understanding the debt and tax consequences can make things worse for you
  • Legal Fees Paid to an Expert Will Substantially Benefit You. 
Lawyers who have devoted many years to practicing in their area of expertise are expensive. But hiring a foreclosure law expert will almost always benefit you financially and emotionally. The benefit for those who avoid the loss of their homes is clear. Even if foreclosure cannot be avoided, retaining an expert foreclosure lawyer will protect you from pitfalls and scams, assure that you have the opportunity to remain in your home for as long as your rights and remedies allow and enable you to plan your relocation free of fear that the sheriff will arrive at your door one day and order you to immediately leave their home and in most cases to be debt free when you leave.

The information set forth above is not legal advice which can be provided to you only after a full review and evaluation by an attorney of your particular circumstances and the remedies which may be available.