Treatment of Automobile Expenses under Bankruptcy Act of 2005
The changes that were made to the Bankruptcy Law relating to Chapter 7 and 13 consumer bankruptcy cases included significant changes to the treatment of automobile expenses under the Code. As with many aspects of bankruptcy in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, there has been significant development of the law in bankruptcy cases around the country in this area. This article, which was presented in a bankruptcy law seminar, focuses on whether a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy debtor may deduct certain expenses from their income, how courts around the country have treated this issue, and many of the questions that arise for bankruptcy attorneys, bankruptcy trustees, and bankruptcy courts, in addressing these issues.
Banks Accused of Massive Scheme of Foreclosure Fraud & Perjury
Will Home Owners Seeking Mortgage Modification Benefit As Result of Accusations That Banks and the Lawyers Who Represent Them Engaged in a Massive Scheme of Foreclosure Fraud & Perjury to Circumvent the Laws that Govern Foreclosure.

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