Attorney Marc C. Capone obtained his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1989. He later earned his law degree from New York Law School in 1992.

Immediately after law school he served for four years as staff attorney for Robert M. Wood, the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee of NJ. During his time with the Standing Trustee’s office, he conducted 341a hearings and handled Chapter 13 motion and confirmation hearing calendars in both the Trenton and Camden vicinages. His role as the staff attorney provided him with extensive experience in consumer bankruptcy law that few other attorneys can claim.

In 2001, he entered into private practice and founded Capone & Keefe, PC. During his time as a partner with Capone & Keefe, he established the firm as one of the leading consumer bankruptcy firms in the state of New Jersey. He has helped thousands of clients to save their homes, restructure their debt and obtain their discharges.

Now, he has taken this experience and joined forces with Justin Gillman and Edward Bruton, Jr. to form one of the premiere law firms in New Jersey, Gillman, Bruton & Capone, LLC.