Whether you hope to purchase a commercial office building or buy your first cooperative condominium, you need an experienced legal representative to protect your rights. Our successful attorneys represent buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate transactions, as well as related issues.

Buyers and sellers enter the real estate market with different goals and needs, and every transaction is unique. Our Edison real estate lawyers give each transaction the individualized attention required to protect our clients’ rights and further their interests. We understand the complexity of real estate and can help you throughout the buying and selling process.

Negotiating a Purchase

Buying property is not just about getting a reasonable price. In truth, multiple factors determine whether a transaction is a good deal.

The legal professionals at our Edison office will help you determine what elements, besides price, are critical to the real estate deal. Issues that often arise in commercial real estate transactions include zoning issues, tax liens, and holdover tenants. Likewise, in residential matters, inspection clauses and contingencies must be settled.

A strong and confident negotiator can be an invaluable ally in the process of purchasing real estate. Let us use our experience and skillset to help you get the most favorable deal possible for your situation.

Preparing the Purchase Agreement

Every real estate transaction requires a purchase agreement. The contract of sale is typically prepared by the seller’s realtor or their attorney. The lawyers at our Edison location are adept at reviewing and drafting purchase agreements for residential and commercial properties.

Local knowledge is critical in real estate transactions. For example, the proximity of the wetlands that make up the Barnes Wildlife Preserve can restrict the use of certain properties and increase flood risk in areas. Our legal professionals will protect you against unanticipated risks and ensure your property can be used as intended.

When the buyer and seller have finalized and signed the purchase agreement, the final step is the closing. Typically, the attorneys and the lender’s representative handle scheduling and producing all necessary documents for closing the real estate sale.

Resolving Post-Closing Issues

In some cases, after closing, it becomes clear that a seller did not live up to the terms of the purchase agreement. For example, they may have failed to disclose a rodent problem they knew about or took fixtures with them that were supposed to be included in the sale.

Fortunately, the real estate lawyers at our Edison office can help you with any post-closing disputes that may arise. We never want our clients to settle for less than what they were promised. Most of the time, negotiations can resolve the issue, but sometimes, suing the other party for breach of the agreement might be necessary.

Both parties have six years after closing to file a lawsuit seeking damages for a real estate contract breach. The same time limit applies to lawsuits alleging fraud or construction defects.

Speak With an Edison Attorney When Buying or Selling Real Estate

Purchasing property might be the most significant financial transaction you have made or is an inherent part of your business. Regardless of the significance of the sale, our Edison real estate lawyers will provide the personalized services you need.

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