Bankruptcy Fears and Famous People that Have Filed Bankruptcy

Here is a partial list of some famous people that have filed bankruptcy. I wanted to add this list here to hopefully alleviate some of the fear, shame or embarrassment issues that you may have when you are considering filing for bankruptcy. I have been practicing Bankruptcy law for over 23 years and in that time I have filed thousands of bankruptcy petitions for clients. I can count on one hand how many times I felt that a client was trying to game the system.

As the list below illustrates that financial hardship befalls all type of people including those that we would consider the rich and famous. The need to file bankruptcy arises because something in your life has caused a financial hardship. A job loss, cut in income, medical condition or emergency, a sudden increase in expenses, divorce or separation; these are the reasons that force people to file bankruptcy. It’s not because you don’t want to pay your bills, it’s that something has happened that has made paying your bills next to impossible.
So stop struggling with trying to pay these bills, have the incessant collection calls stop, put an end to lawsuits and garnishments. Make the decision to get a fresh start and put this financial misery behind you. Call Capone & Keefe (732-528-1166) and let us help you get some peace of mind.


Mick Fleetwood
Cindy Lauper
Wayne Newtown
Randy Quaid
Lynn Redgrave
Ted Nugent
Tom Petty
Meat Loaf
Dorothy Hamill
Toni Braxton
Dionne Warwick
Jerry Lee Lewis
Mike Tyson
MC Hammer
Gary Coleman
Lawrence Taylor
Surge Knight
Marvin Gaye
La Toya Jackson
Tia Carrere
David Crosby
Jerry Lewis
Fifty Cent

Business Moguls and Famous People

Walt Disney
Henry Ford
Milton Hershey
Donald Trump
H.J. Heinz
P.T. Barnum
Charles Goodyear
John Audubon
Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz author)
Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”)

Radio, Television & Movie Stars

Dave Ramsey
Larry King
Burt Reynolds,
Kim Basinger
Don Johnson
Rush Limbaugh
Debbie Reynolds (Twice)
Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives of NJ)


Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln (essentially)
President William McKinley
John Connally
Ulysses S. Grant
George McGovern


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