How to Make Your Serious Debt Problems Worse – Ignore the Lawsuit You Received from a Junk Debt Collector’s Attorney.

Example:  Mary receives a Complaint filed by Pressler and Pressler, on behalf of Palisades Collection. Palisades claims Mary owes them several thousand dollars on a credit card she used years ago. She is informed that she has thirty – five days to file an Answer to Palisades’ Complaint contesting Palisades’ claim. Mary never heard of Palisades and doesn’t remember whether she owes any money on the credit card, and assumes that it must be a mistake or she is too busy to deal with it now.

As a result, Mary ignores the Complaint. She is confused when several months later her wages are garnished; her bank account is emptied;  and a court officer notifies her that her personal property with be sold to pay the Default Judgment entered against her by Palisades. Only then does she contact an attorney to discuss her legal rights and remedies.

Mary may still be able to use her legal rights to effect a remedy, but delay makes the use of her rights much more difficult.


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