We have represented clients faced with foreclosure for over four decades.  Foreclosure prevention and defense has grown more complicated during that time, but one thing has not changed. Your best chance of preventing foreclosure and a sheriff’s sale is to learn your rights and hire attorneys who can provide you all options in an honest way.

Justin M. Gillman, Esq., Partner, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Groups
  • What Will Give Me the Best Chance of Avoiding the Loss of My Home?  We have been asked this question again and again over the past 30 years by our clients facing foreclosure. The answer is always the same. Learn about your rights and remedies from an experienced attorney.
  • Hire an Experienced Lawyer – We have represented homeowners for decades in foreclosure matters. Hire a lawyer who has had extensive experience representing clients seeking to avoid foreclosure by obtaining a mortgage modification or by using one of the remedies described below.  Ask the lawyer how long he/she has been representing clients who are seeking to avoid foreclosure, what percentage of their practice is devoted to foreclosure prevention defense and other serious debt problems and review the evaluations of recent clients.
  • Hire a Lawyer to Represent You Right Now – It is never too early to LEARN YOUR RIGHTS. Prompt action will enable you to take the fullest advantage of the rights and remedies available to you. Delay, indecision and denial are the enemies of foreclosure prevention.
  • Be Realistic – Avoid the “Titanic: Better Lifeboat Syndrome. Imagine a passenger on the sinking Titanic who is offered a place on a lifeboat. The passenger asks “What guarantee can be offered that the lifeboat will prevent me from drowning?” Instead, the passenger should consider whether getting into the lifeboat will improve the chances of not drowning.
  • Beware of False Promises and Guarantees from “Foreclosure Experts”! Anyone who guarantees they will get you a mortgage modification or, more generally, will save your home is either a scam artist, ignorant – or both.

A foreclosure defense lawyer can identify your legal rights and effectively use remedies such as: mortgage modification, mortgage mediation, Chapter 13 Plans to repay arrears, or to strip off home equity loans and second mortgages.  Unfortunately we estimate that less than half of those who would very substantially benefit if they were represented by a foreclosure defense attorney, don’t retain a lawyer.

What Will Give Me the Best Chance of Avoiding the Loss of My Home?  We have been asked this question again and again over the past 30 years by our clients facing foreclosure proceedings. Although the circumstances of those who ask vary greatly, the answer to the question is always the same. To fully and most effectively use rights and remedies such foreclosure defense, loan modification, mortgage mediation, and/or bankruptcy, you must be represented by an Expert Foreclosure Lawyer.

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The number one comment we hear after meeting with clients is that they are finally going to be able to sleep at night. The most pressing concern for most people is to stop creditors from hounding them, which bankruptcy can accomplish. But that’s not the only relief. Once you realize that you’re not going to lose everything, you gain peace of mind. And that means you’re well on your way to restoring everything that matters to you.


We would like to thank you and your staff in handling our case. The professionalism and smooth transaction exhibited by you and your firm made it easier on the hardship we were experiencing. You made it possible for our lives to go on and we’re very grateful. We’re now on the road to hopefully recovering from this difficult time and wanted to take time to say thank you very much. Now we and our children have a new beginning and are looking forward to a brighter future ahead.

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