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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case and New Jersey Wage Garnishments
Bankruptcy Court Holds Consumer Debtor’s Wages, Garnished Within 90 Day Period Prior to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Are a Preference A recent decision, Tower Credit, Inc. v. Schott (In re…

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You may make payments to our office using our Secure Online Payment Page. As a courtesy to our clients, our firm offers online payments through Clio and LawPay. LawPay is a secure payment system that is compliant with all card brand security standards, ensuring protection of your personal information.

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Short Sales, Possible Tax Consequences and Bankruptcy
Given the state of the real estate market and the large mortgage debt that many people find themselves in, many of my clients find themselves upside down on their residences. …
Bankruptcy and Your Credit
As a bankrutpcy attorney, one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is how will the bankrutpcy filing effect my credit. Most people come in with the pre-conceived…

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