New Jersey Foreclosure: 2020 Update
New Jersey Foreclosure Process Several years ago, we published a post called New Jersey Foreclosure: From Complaint to Sheriff’s Sale which turned out to be one of our more popular…

What is 7+4?

Banks Accused of Massive Scheme of Foreclosure Fraud & Perjury
Will Home Owners Seeking Mortgage Modification Benefit As Result of Accusations That Banks and the Lawyers Who Represent Them Engaged in a Massive Scheme of Foreclosure Fraud & Perjury to Circumvent the Laws that Govern Foreclosure.

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Update and Comment: New Jersey Foreclosure Mediation and Bankruptcy
Comment and Update regarding the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court regarding the New Jersey Foreclosure Mediation Program and Bankruptcy Debtors and the General Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court District of New Jersey regarding Negotiations between Debtor(s) and Mortgage Servicers to Consider Loan Modifications.

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