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You may make payments to our office using our Secure Online Payment Page. As a courtesy to our clients, our firm offers online payments through Clio and LawPay. LawPay is a secure payment system that is compliant with all card brand security standards, ensuring protection of your personal information.

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Fannie Mae Streamline Loan Modification Announcement
Fannie Mae’s Program Intended to Streamline Modification of Mortgages. But Only Those Borrowers With Equity and Who Meet  Eligibility Requirements Will Benefit. Fannie Mae has announced that it is introducing a…
Do You qualify for a Loan Modification Under HAMP
Everyone it seems is attempting to get a loan modification these days. Anyone that has attempted to modify their mortgage knows that the process can be extremely frustrating. One way to make…
Loan Modifications and Foreclosure
Recent New York Times Article examines "loan modification" companies and their close link to the mortgage brokers who were involved in brokering the sub-prime mortgages which they now propose to "modify".

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